What differentiates you from other video transcription companies

What is video transcription?

Video transcription is the method of creating written records of the spoken word and important activities in a video text. It is a type of transcription that emphases on film and television mediums. Transcripts or composed proceedings is a printed or electronic text recounting any sound that occurs in the video text. A complete package of all dialogue and speakers are identified including pertinent sounds such as laughter, unnecessary pauses (hmm, ah), cough, and music. It may include time codes which correspond to the minutes or seconds of the video. A professional transcriber equipped with modern technology and a native speaker will provide an exact likeness of the video text.

video transcription

What are the benefits of video transcription?

Video transcription is useful for research, stored information, and individuals with hearing impairment. For reference purposes, it is best to go over a transcribed document than watching a video. You can mark down important matters while going through the document and revert back easily if you need to. A playback or going forward through a dialogue is more time consuming when reviewing a video material, some video files do not allow a playback. For business purposes, posting video transcripts online will increase your brand visibility, search engine rankings, and organic links. By integrating multiple keywords in the transcript your viewers will be directed to your landing page for better rankings. It is a great way to engage your viewers with your products or services and increase your marketing outreach. In case you want to translate it into other languages, use your video transcription as a reference. That is one service that you can cross out from your expense list. You can re purpose your transcription into other media avenues like social media platforms, blogs, white papers and e-books.

What are the qualities of a professional video transcription company?

Just like in any business, a video transcription company needs a certification to prove that it is legitimate. An ISO 9001:2008 certification is an assurance that a client will be provided with a transcribed document that is reliable, with high quality, and meets international standards. They should be should be using state-of-the-art equipment to keep abreast with modern technology. This way they can provide a quick completion of your project and maintain their transcription rates at low levels. Customers should always be placed in the heart of the business, they are the company’s most valuable asset. Employees are oriented in customer care handling to provide a pleasant experience and precise answers to their clients’ inquiries.

The best way of checking a company’s credibility is through their past clients’ reviews. Do not rely on their website alone, there are other sites where you can check them out and take a peak on what their clients have to say about their services. Good reviews means the company is producing great work. The safety of a client’s information should also be considered. There should be safeguards that are in place to keep information from going public.


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