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Where I Can Find Trust-able Transcription Services in the Industry

Where I can find trust-able transcription service in the industry? The first question to ask if in need of transcription services. Reliability matters, a transcription company that can be trusted. With whom important files can be entrusted for transcription.

Get your money’s worth with the quality of service that can be availed at discounted rates. The best deals are made with a company in which clients’ welfare is at the top of its priorities.


Here are the best offers:

  • 1. ISO Certified Transcription Services
  • 2. Prompt delivery of services. No delays, quick and delivered as agreed upon.
  • 3. Best rates available. Contact us and we will negotiate on price quotations. Avail of discounts depending on the bulk ofprojects.
  • 4. The most efficient process of putting up your orders. Upload your files to our servers and once reviewed, you are given price quotations. Pay the charges online and wait for the output delivered via email, or whatever your preference may be.
  • 5. Customer support 24/7. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, hence, we are available anytime and eager to hear inquiries, feedbacks and requests for transcription services from you.

Where I can find trust-able transcription service in the industry? Not a question anymore, as you have the best at hand. Thousands of happy clients are scattered around the globe. Years of committed service and excellent customer care strengthened the company’s capacity to meet all transcription needs.

Manned by highly qualified transcribers, expect an output of best quality, affordable and secured. Projects in any language are accepted. Wide array of transcription services are available for your various needs. Just contact us and get the best possible deal available.

Across the globe, more than 10000+ happy customers bear witness to the quality of work done by our transcription company. We provide not just transcription service but a lifelong commitment to our clients.

Which transcription service provider is the best in industry?


With a lot of transcription vendors on the internet, the question is – “Which Transcription Services provider is the best in Industry?” Definitely, winding up with the wrong one will cost you time, money, and a dud document. Take time to research before you select. Once you have found the right one it should be a long term relationship. Companies value client loyalty and offer amenities to keep them coming back.Massive Transcription is best in transcription service

Here are some tips to help you in the selecting the right transcription company.

  • Compare at-least three transcription vendors A good way to start is by making a list. Use the internet to gather information on at least three transcription vendors. Jot down their offers, feature, rates, and services. Compare these and depending on your requirement there will be one that will stand out from the rest.
  • Check out client reviews
    Haste makes waste. Do not rely on a good looking website with jaw-dropping offers,
    they might sweet talk their way to your bank and wind up with a transcribed document that is riddled with errors. Check out what clients have to say about their services. Do not rely on their website alone, take the time to search on other platforms. Remember an irate customer will certainly tell everything.
  • Select an ISO 9001:2008 certified company So you have completed your assignment on two tips, the last step is to check if the vendor is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.

Prior to accreditation, a company has to undergo stringent requirements and pass these before earning a certificate from the organization. The applicant has to comply with their standards that include modern equipment, flawless system and operational processes, conducive office environment, and a professional staff. By partnering with an ISO certified company you are assured of high-quality and accurate products and services. These companies are mandated to meet the standards set by the organization.


What is handwriting transcription?

Accurate handwriting transcription services starting at $.99/minute.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have half of your work done for you and give you more time to focus on quality and data integrity? Then wait no more as this is what handwriting transcription services can do for you. Today’s world of information and technology, documentation is very important and crucial to business, operations, administrative work and a whole lot more. But there are still a lot of people who prefer to do it old school- with the use of pen and paper to write down notes, taking down meetings minutes, book writing, etc.

Handwriting transcription is the process of converting handwriting to text and storing it in digital form or data. Handwriting transcription takes on the role of transcribing audio or video-recorded files which need to be converted into readable text form. Professionals need to expertly transcribe handwriting to text in the most accurate manner possible, since there are a diverse variety of patterns in handwriting that can sometimes confuse those who read it. Our handwriting transcription service is composed of expertly-trained professionals.

Our  transcription services are regarded as the best transcription service with the most affordable rates in the market. We provide handwriting transcription services that make us a leader in the industry. We take pride in our ISO- certified services that guarantee our clients with excellent quality and a high accuracy rating of 98%. The most reliable handwriting transcription services you can ever find. We are confident that we can provide our clients with certified high-quality handwriting transcription services to cater to your handwriting transcription needs. We have the most reliable and professional transcribers working for us and ensure that you are fully satisfied with the handwriting transcription services that we offered.

Converting handwriting to text is not easy.

It takes a well-trained professional to become an expert at converting handwriting to text. Converting handwriting to text is one of our flagship services as we have invested a lot to hire the best professionals and train them to become experts at converting handwriting to text. We assign a professional handwriting transcriptionist to transcribe handwriting to text format for your documents. We do not risk failure or poor quality work, thus we ensure that we assign a professional and reliable handwriting transcriptionist to work on your handwriting transcription project. We live up to our standards to give our clients the best. Out experts will transcribe handwriting to text in the most professional and efficient way possible. They have been professionally trained to transcribe handwriting to text in the most accurate way possible.

We protect the integrity of our handwriting transcription company by also protecting our customers.We call it a symbiotic relationship. Our handwriting transcription company thrives on the business that we get from our clients, so we find it important to protect their interests as well. We pay careful attention to our handwriting transcription services. We make it simple, direct, easy and quick – in order to make it more convenient and hassle –free for our clients.

What differentiates you from other video transcription companies

What is video transcription?

Video transcription is the method of creating written records of the spoken word and important activities in a video text. It is a type of transcription that emphases on film and television mediums. Transcripts or composed proceedings is a printed or electronic text recounting any sound that occurs in the video text. A complete package of all dialogue and speakers are identified including pertinent sounds such as laughter, unnecessary pauses (hmm, ah), cough, and music. It may include time codes which correspond to the minutes or seconds of the video. A professional transcriber equipped with modern technology and a native speaker will provide an exact likeness of the video text.

video transcription

What are the benefits of video transcription?

Video transcription is useful for research, stored information, and individuals with hearing impairment. For reference purposes, it is best to go over a transcribed document than watching a video. You can mark down important matters while going through the document and revert back easily if you need to. A playback or going forward through a dialogue is more time consuming when reviewing a video material, some video files do not allow a playback. For business purposes, posting video transcripts online will increase your brand visibility, search engine rankings, and organic links. By integrating multiple keywords in the transcript your viewers will be directed to your landing page for better rankings. It is a great way to engage your viewers with your products or services and increase your marketing outreach. In case you want to translate it into other languages, use your video transcription as a reference. That is one service that you can cross out from your expense list. You can re purpose your transcription into other media avenues like social media platforms, blogs, white papers and e-books.

What are the qualities of a professional video transcription company?

Just like in any business, a video transcription company needs a certification to prove that it is legitimate. An ISO 9001:2008 certification is an assurance that a client will be provided with a transcribed document that is reliable, with high quality, and meets international standards. They should be should be using state-of-the-art equipment to keep abreast with modern technology. This way they can provide a quick completion of your project and maintain their transcription rates at low levels. Customers should always be placed in the heart of the business, they are the company’s most valuable asset. Employees are oriented in customer care handling to provide a pleasant experience and precise answers to their clients’ inquiries.

The best way of checking a company’s credibility is through their past clients’ reviews. Do not rely on their website alone, there are other sites where you can check them out and take a peak on what their clients have to say about their services. Good reviews means the company is producing great work. The safety of a client’s information should also be considered. There should be safeguards that are in place to keep information from going public.


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Which company provides reliable Audio Transcription Services Online?

Audio transcription services are mostly requested for a wide variation of purposes. Thus, many audio transcription companies have shown their utmost commitment and dedication to offer audio transcriptions online. However, looking for a most-trusted audio transcription services provider entails a lot of time and effort. For instance, there are huge corporate companies and other relevant industries who need audio transcriptions for their businesses. Because of this, they are very meticulous at choosing the best company which offer accurate and high quality audio transcription services. For clients who require audio transcription services for a daily basis, hiring additional workforce must be costly and time-consuming. There are situations that other works seem so demanding and stressful in these particular times. You’ll possibly hook up to specific jobs; hence multi-tasking is not applicable in this manner. Moreover, having audio transcription services on your business operations reduces the likelihood of maintaining a lot of stuff including unnecessary people, expenses and other expenditures which are avoidable with the aforementioned transcription services. These are some of the reasons why employing dependable audio transcription services is very in demand in the market today.


On the other hand, customers do not just pick their chosen transcription providers. In this aspect, they usually expect high levels of accuracy and quality. In fact, they prefer audio transcription services which are reliably performed by professional transcribers who complement their transcription needs and expectations. Not only that, they usually trust audio transcription services which are also guaranteed safe and confidential. Hence, secure data storage and confidentiality agreements must be provided at all times.

So if you are having a hard time selecting the best company which provides reliable audio transcription services, you’ll need not to worry as we’ll make things easier for you. We are a dedicated company that continually give our clients with first-class quality of audio transcription services. We comply all project requirements in requested formats and standards as specified by our global clients. We have a remarkable platform of audio transcribers who proficiently transcribe all sorts of sources files without disturbing quality. Our audio transcription services also operate fast and on-time. Deadlines are always fulfilled through our quick turnaround time including 24 hours. Therefore, entrust your transcription projects with us. We accurately and speedily deliver precise audio transcription services in just one click.

If you have some queries, our 24/7 Customer Support is made up of informative and welcoming customer care specialists who are just behind your back for assistance. We sleeplessly respond to every questions through our online chats, call back options and toll free hotline numbers in Australia, UK and US.

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Where can I find cheap transcription services rates?

With the increasing demand of transcriptions in the market today, many transcription companies provide high quality and accurate transcription services. However, a wide range of clients across the globe look for cheap transcription services rates. Students, colleges/universities, business/financial companies, government agencies and other institutions are just some of the customers who need transcription services for personal, school, work and business purposes.

In this manner, transcribing rates which are affordable and reasonably-priced are sought-after in the industry. However, various transcription providers are metic

transcription pricing

ulous at offering high quality service at competitive prices. In fact, ISO certified processes and highly standardized transcription requirements are incorporated to produce accurate transcripts. In addition, strict transcription guidelines on grammars, spellings and language fluency are also observed. Because of these, it is clear that quality is never compromised with cheap transcription services rates. Not only that, transcriptions are charged in various ways. There are transcription rates per hour and transcription rate per minute. However, both transcription services rates vary in terms of project length and complicity.

For instance, long and complicated file formats usually employ transcription rates per hour and some are rarely based on transcription rate per minute. Aside from this, multiple audio transcription, document and video file formats also entail different transcription rates.

Transcription rate per minute is usually applied for short audio and video files. These transcribing rates are also beneficial at producing exceptional quality of transcriptions. On the other hand, audio transcriptions also work with transcription rate per audio hour. Most of audio files are priced at hourly basis. Thus, transcription rate per audio hour remains favorable and promising to a variety of customers. Transcription services rates are also determined by various important factors. In transcriptions, accuracy and precision are highly maintained. With pocket-friendly transcribing rates, a team of professional transcribers are carefully selected to ensure that quality is never disturbed at all. Moreover, the selection of transcribers are also stringently performed. Transcribers’ experience, skills and language proficiency are verified in this manner. Most transcription companies offer multilingual choices. Hence, transcription services rates also differ based on language preferences.

So are you looking for cheap transcription services rates online? Well, your fate is with us. We are a committed online transcription company that provides accurate and efficient solutions that will surely compliment all transcription needs. With us, satisfaction guaranteed and fully customized services are obtainable with our affordable transcription services rates. Special web features and exclusive offers are also provided for client utmost satisfaction. For more information, call us through our toll free hotline numbers in Australia, UK and US.


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Where can I find first-class Student Transcription Services?

Student transcription services are helpful for university students. All projects, assignments and other student-related papers are transcribed with high quality and accuracy. College/university students are looking for reliable student transcription services which can preferably do all the transcriptions for them. Because of this, they can focus on other pressing matters.

Student transcription services also work with remarkable team of transcribers who are highly educated individuals. They even hold unequaled honorary credentials as Masters and PhD graduates from prestigious schools and universities; hence they produce genuine and fault-free student transcript at all times.

Looking for an accurate student transcription services is not easy. Many transcription requirements and standards are also taken into account. Not only that, transcription services for students should be quality tested and proven.

Therefore, student transcription companies follow ISO certified processes and unparalleled proofreading process for quality assurance. In this scenario, all student transcripts are checked and verified to ensure that requirements for grammar, and language use are fulfilled. Clients around the world are also very meticulous in terms of their preferences.

They choose a transcription company
that can comply their project task directives including language choices. Thus, student transcription services only use well-experienced transcribers who are fluent in their native languages. On the other hand, transcription rates also play an important role in the industry. Students and academic institutions prefer cheap student transcription services. Through the years, all transcription providers
offer affordable and reasonable rates.

However, there are cheap student transcription services which are a lot lower compared to other prevailing market prices. In this manner, economical rates should not be detrimental to the quality of service. Aside from this, student transcription services offered online should be safe and confidential. These services should impose rigid security measures for uploaded files and personal information. With the up-to-date security system and
non-disclosure agreements, transcription services for students are expected to be 100% guaranteed spam-free.

student transcription

As transcription go global in serving diverse customers worldwide, many transcription
agencies are committed to provide first-class quality transcripts. Student transcription services UK is one in the industry. They offer satisfaction guaranteed student transcription services. University students can avoid taking risks with these kind of transcriptions. Student transcription services UK are flexible and customer-oriented. Thus, many students require these services for their dissertations, researches, term papers, thesis and many more.

Whenever you are looking for top-rated student transcription services rates, we are just behind your back. Our company offers high quality and cheap student transcription services online. We pride ourselves as one of the leading transcription provider nowadays. Client satisfaction is our primary goal. We can be an efficient student transcription partner that can satisfactorily comply all transcription needs.

Which company provides with first-class CD Transcription Services?

Transcription is the process of converting a certain type of content into written texts. Because of these, a wide range of clients are using transcriptions for their projects. They are even looking for transcription services which can accurately provide top-rated transcripts. Transcription services are guaranteed in demand in the market today. Students, working professionals and various institutions and agencies are continually needing transcriptions for a myriad of personal and business purposes.

Hence, there are many types of transcriptions operating online and one of them is CD transcription services. This type of transcription utilizes CD’s as sources files to create transcripts. For instance, various CD transcription service providers usually set high standards for CD transcriptions. In fact, transcription from CD entails highly standardized procedures to ensure quality. Certain quality control processes are performed to produce high quality and accurate transcription from CD.

There are companies that meticulously check all transcription terminologies and technicalities. Moreover, CD is used for audio, document and video contents. Thus, transcribing audio CD is one of the sought after CD transcription services. CD audio files like meetings, conferences, discussions and even presentations are carefully transcribed to create transcripts which are genuine and precise. People and large companies across the globe require audio CD transcription which are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Clients around the world usually prefer CD transcription services that can complement with their own project requirements.

Because of these, CD transcription companies hire professional transcibers who can accurately and speedily transcribe audio CD without disturbing quality. They even impose rigid selection process to ensure that only the best transcribers can do audio CD transcription. Checking of grammars, spellings and language use are taken seriously in transcribing audio CD. On the other hand, safety and confidentiality of delicate information should also be regarded when transcription experts transcribe audio CD.

Thus, modern security systems and confidentiality agreements are maximized for client full protection So if you are looking for a reliable CD transcription provider which can satisfactorily transcribe audio CD, we can definitely be a smart choice. We are a responsible CD transcription company that offers fully customized and user-friendly CD transcription services. We have all what it takes to stand out and dominate in this business. We have knowledgeable transcribers, multilingual choices, flexible delivery schedules, fast
turnaround, hassle-free ordering process and 24/7 Customer Support that continually make us unsurpassed in the transcription industry.

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Where can I get  accurate Business Transcription Services?

There are many transcription companies working online. Thus, different types of transcription services are provided for various customers’ needs. Business transcription services are required by large business/corporate companies across the globe. Executives, working professionals and other business people rely with this kind of services. In fact, business transcription services are beneficial for transcribing meetings, conference calls, business presentations, consultations and many more. Because of this, accurate and error-free business transcripts are expected by customers at all times. Business transcription services are beneficial to a wide range of clients. They prefer transcription business with high quality and accuracy. Transcription business providers usually use strict quality control assurance for quality testing. They even follow professional transcription standards in ensuring that all important technicalities are incorporated.

accurate Transcription Services



In business transcription, flawless documentation of transcripts are needed by large companies for daily operations. Hence, we can only do this by having professional transcribers on board. Rigid recruitment process and series of examinations and training’s are given to transcribers to determine their transcription proficiency. Only skilled transcribers who have unmatched expertise in the filed can accurately produce business transcripts.

On the other hand, business transcription outsourcing are also in demand today. With the increasing need of business transcription services in the market, many agencies worldwide want to outsource such services. It would be easy for customers around the world to partner with business transcription outsourcing agencies for their transcription needs. Hence, multilingual preferences should also be addressed. Moreover, transcription service providers hire transcribers who are native speakers in their respective spoken languages; therefore they are knowledgeable and capable at providing multilingual solutions. With this, executives may save time and hassle as business meetings are transcribed so that the team can easily catch up. Business transcription also reduces the possibility of missing crucial points of the meetings.

For instance, legal transcription business is also necessary for other companies who want their transcriptions to be legally certified. In this manner, only expert legal transcribers such as lawyers, judges and law practitioners  are capable of doing legal transcription business without compromising quality. So whenever you need an accurate business transcription services, get online and look for one of the most-trusted transcription company. We are a dedicated transcription provider that offers ISO certified business transcription services. All our outputs are stringently produced with the industry’s best practices and standards. Our special web features such as affordable rates, free quotes, swift delivery, rush and super rush services are unequaled in the market.

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What is the rate for Academic Transcription Services?

You can now get variety of transcription service at Massive Transcript . It is one of the well known transcription service provider that provides ample scope for each of his customers. If you are the new customer and are not aware of its service, you can get a free trial from the particular company.

Academic Transcription Services are also quite popular with this transcription service providing company. As soon as you visit the website, you can easily get the spectacular transcription service

You can visit different websites that provides transcription services. The affordability is one of the factors in this regard. It will be quite easy for you to afford the Academic Transcription Services if you are with the Massive Transcript.

We have professional writers and transcription service provider who provides live word by word transcription service. Whether you want the transcription service for meeting, courtrooms or that of personal use, it will be quite easy to avail

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